Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Simple Thing

I replaced a light bulb recently and smiled because of my wife. Shortly after getting married, I needed to replace a bulb and did what I've done for years - I reached up, took the old bulb out and put the new bulb in. I thought nothing of it. My new wife stood with her mouth agape in amazement. She had never seen anyone "just reach up" and change a light bulb. She quickly got on the telephone and called her family and little friends to tell them what she had seen. I smiled and laughed. Later we went by my folks home and the story was told. I've known my family my whole life. They were not impressed. My wife intoned "he just reached up". Silence. They were just not impressed by something I'd been doing for 20 years.

Eleven years into marriage, I still just reach up - and smile as I recall the first time my wife saw me change a light bulb. Eleven years into the marriage, it takes a bit more to impress my wife - and I still try to impress her.

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