Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday tradition

A couple of years ago, we started a Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday tradition. It began over the holiday weekend. I went to Sam’s Club – just normal weekend routine errand running. Both girls were with me and very well behaved. They kept asking to look at the cakes. We need a cake they chanted. I had other things on my mind - I was focused on getting the items on my list. And this did not include cake. The store was not crowded and I was not in a hurry, so we did browse. The girls looked and insisted that we needed a cake. I purchased everything on the list and we left without a cake.

During that weekend, we spent time talking about Dr. King. My oldest likes his mustache. My youngest thinks he is good looking. At the time both girls thought he never smiled. We assured the girls that Dr. King was a father who enjoyed time with his friends and family and smiled and even laughed.

Monday, the girls again insisted we needed a cake. I asked why? They said we needed a cake to celebrate Dr. Kings birthday. Here was their flawless logic and reasoning: on their birthday, the celebration includes cake; we were celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday so we needed cake. I went to the store with my oldest to pick out a cake. We bought candles, sang Happy Birthday to Dr. King and had cake.

A new tradition was born and continues.

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