Friday, November 26, 2010

"the rest of your life"

The doctor used the phrase, "the rest of your life."  I listened and reflected.  Fine by me was my reaction.  However other people (co-workers and family) heard the news and over reacted.  Does it really matter?  My doctor informed me that I will be on anticoagulants for the rest of my life.  The expectations are that I will live a long time.  I do not see a problem with taking a pill.  The inconvenience is minimal.  The pill is readily available.  I do not suffer any side-affects.  All in all - no problem.  When I tell others, there is always a reaction.  Some place a hand on my shoulder.  Some ask if I am ok.  They react as if my life is more complicated because I need to pop a pill daily.  They react as if my life is now more fragile.  While I appreciate the concern, I do not understand. 

I were glasses (or contacts) and have since age 11.  If I want to see (and I do) I will require corrective eye wear "for the rest of my life".  No reaction.  No hand on my shoulder.  No one ask if I am ok.  No one reacts as if my life is more complicated because I need wear glasses.

Generally, I do appreciate the fragility of life.  I am glad I live in a time and place where a drug I need is available and low cost.  I do not see taking it as a burden, but a blessing.

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