Saturday, December 11, 2010

The power of making a list

I was not one for making list.  Lists were for people who could not remember what they wanted.  I was different.  I could remember and take action.  Sure, there were the occasional second trips to the grocery store because I forgot to pick something up.  "To do" list and task list were for other people. 

Every book (or blog) I've read about goals stressed writing them down.  I thought I was the exception.  I thought thinking about my goals and tacking action was more than enough.  There was no need to write it down.

I was wrong.

I was not really making progress on my goals.  Heck, I did not really have goals – I had vague notions about what I wanted to accomplish – nothing really specific.  I was tired of looking back at the end of the year and being no closer to my vague unwritten goals than the year before.  This year in January, I decided to write my goals down on paper.  I planned my day based on my written goals.  I reviewed my goals and checked them off.  As they were accomplished, I wrote new goals.  The progress made this year is tremendous.  It really is as simple as every else states it - write your goals down. 

As the year draws to a close, I am developing my goals for 2011 and my plans to accomplish them.

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